To all my English speaking followers

Hello there! As you may have noticed, I’ve stopped writing posts in English. Well, you won’t get dissapointed because I will start writing in English again. But let me first explain why I decided to be a Swedish blog.

Due to personal issues and ambitious attempts to make my page as global and user friendly as possible, it all went too far. I even tried to translate all of my blog which let to bugs and tecnical issues. So i decided to stop that and focus on my Swedish followers.

But now, as you can see, my blog is much more, simple, user friendly. Therefore I will start writing in English again. BUT… I will do it when I feel to do it. Some time I will write in Swedish, sometimes in English. But to translate everyghing, or even make one English version or one Swedish version of each post and page, that would be too much for me. I have other, more important matters to deal with as well and I can’t spend all my time at the blog.

When I consider a certain post to be more relevant to people other countries, I will write in English. When I have a post that only Swedes could relate to, or would understand, I will write in Swedish. I don’t think Englishman or American would understand a post about Swedish matters, when they actually don’t know the backstory. If I for example write this:

“I don’t think the Sweden Democrats should lecture us about democracy, considering the own history.”

A Swede would get the point directly. But most Americans or Englishmen would ask themself “Who are these Sweden Democrat guys?” I would have to explain the background and people would have to read a long backstory before they get the point. You cannot write something something so specificly related to your own country, to somebody in another country if you don’t explain the background first. I you want to tell them a story and make a post that teaches them about Sweden, it’s a completely different thing.

So, the thing is, I will write in English when the topic is relevant for all people all over the world. I will write in Swedish when the topic is relevant for Swedes in patricular. I will, off course write in English, if I want to tell people about Sweden, but as I said, that’s something completely different, than saying something related to Swedes without any explenation.

Please leave your thoughts, replies and suggestions here in the comment field. And have a great day everybode.



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