I feel that I have to comment the Swedish election this year. Sweden have since 1979 have to great parties in the pairlament. The Social Democrats to the left, and the Moderates to the right. Along with other smaller parties, those two have been the biggest. Since 1982, these two parties have swifted to power. Most often the social democrats have been in charge, but some years even the moderates have been in charge.

2010, a new party got over 4 percent of the votes and therefore entered the pairlament. The party is called Sweden Democrats. Known for their opposition against immigration and racist scandals and islamophobia through the years, the party was also founden by nazis in 1988. The Sweden democrats were dominated by nazi policied back then, and one of the founder was an old Swedish volontaire in Waffen SS during world war two. The Sweden Democrats spread horror on the streets, targeting immigrants and had a vision to send out all the immigrants and their children with a citizenship recieved after 1979. They also favored death penalty and shared an antisemitic rhetoric, with a vision of a white Sweden.

In 1995, the party got a new party leader. He had an ambition to clean the party from nazi ascisiations, by forbidding nazi uniforms for example. After that, the Sweden Democrats started to moderate themselves and tone down their racist rhetoric. They let their hair grow back and replaced the nazi jackets with suits and ties. In the 2000’s, the party adjusted their ideology and approach even more to hide their racist agenda and gained more and more popularity.

No other country in the world after 1945 has ever had a party with nazi roots to grow so pupular. In this election, on the 11th of september in 2022, something happened. The Sweden Democrats gained over 20 percent of the votes and took the Moderates place as the second biggest party in Sweden. This is a result of the last ten years of normalisation of racism, where almost all the parties in the pairlament have adapted a lot of the Sweden Democratic rhetoric and policied. Parties that promised just a few years ago, not to work together with the Sweden Democrats, suddenly do. At the same time, the media are giving the Sweden Democrats exactly what they want, by reporting news more according to the Sweden Democratic agenda. Many journalists and other politicians are getting hatestorms and threats for critisizing the party, thanks to a lot of the people that support the party. Recently, a newspaper revealed that the Sweden Democrats have people working for them, who get paid to start hatestorms against people. These internet warriors are paid and takes order from the party leader himself – Jimmie Åkesson.

But people don’t care anymore. The last years, the Sweden Democrats have radicalized and returned a bit more to their roots. They know they can do that, because their support from the people has become so big that people don’t care anymore. They talk about repatriation, a racist idea they abandoned already in the early 2000’s. They are getting a lot more confident and aggresissive. At the same time we have the Moderates and the right wing parties who are more and more redicalized in order to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats. 8 years of Social Democratic government is at an end and a new horrifying era has begun in Sweden. May God forgive us for our ignorance and save the country from this disaster.



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