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Another friend to me

Here’s the post for today, then. I have a very close friend, who I ironically, have never met in real life. We have written to eachother since late 2018, I think. And we have also been speaking by telephone. Milou Lindeberg is her name. She is quite an odd and diffucult person, which makes me like her even more! I like strange people with similar interests.

I think Milou sent me a friend request somewhere in 2018 or 2017. In the beginning, we were not very close at all. She was just a Facebook friend among others. But we began to come closer to eachother due to Milou’ss personal struggles with certain people or the internet tail of these people.

Milou is a jew with a very sad and dark past. I don’t want to go in to details about that here, but shs been through hell yhrough her whole life and what didn’t kill her made her stronger. I have always been with her when some nazi, islamist, leftist or right winger were against her. In late 2018, we became a great duo of real friendship and loyalty.

It’s not easy being a jew today, not in Sweden either. The antisemitism is wide spread across the globe, amongs right wing extremists, nazis, muslims and even leftists. The antisemithic propaganda can be hard to identify, if you don’t know about it’s history and how it has developed.

In the late 2018, Milou appeared accidently in the Swedish fake journalist and online hater Joakim Lamotte’s live video, where he had gathered a lot of people in Uppsala. Lamotte calls himself a women right defender, but that’s only if women agree with his view on criminality in Sweden. Lamotte just happened to film Milou, who just happened to be right at the place where Lamotte was filming. Even if she begged Lamotte not to film her, he continuing filming her. She knew that she would get in trouble, because people that critisizes Lamotte, mostly women, often get hanged out on his page with over 200 000 followers.

And that’s exactly what happened. Milou was identified by the nazi movement “Nordic Resistance Movement”, for wearing a David’s Star in her necklace. Her adress was shared amongs nazis and she got several visits with nazis painting Swastikas on her front door and throwing pig blood in her appartment, forcing her to move to another city long from Uppsala.

It was in this moment, that I really suffered together with Milou. I called her for the first time and we were talking about what the hell we were going to do. Milou has similar diagnostics like I have, but some even worsa that I cannot relate to. But we are always there for eachother when someone of us have a hard time. Milou is very funny and kind and she shares some interests with me. She paints, draws, and even make live armour and clothing. She loves Harry Potter and I love The Lord Of The Rings. And we are both trying to become writers.

Some years ago, Milou met another friend, Daniel Lernherde, which is a former nazi that have made up with his extremistic past. Now they have an own page: “The Ex-Nazi and the Jew” and they are travelling across Sweden and educating people about nazism, racism, antisemitism and hatred. Can you imagine? A former nazi, and a jew, together travelling around and educate about racism and antisemitism? It’s kinda cool, and admirable, isn’t it?

About A Friend Of Mine

One of my dearest friends is a very special woman who I learned to know on Facebook. Her name is Suha but everybody calls her Sano. Sano Sansoun. Suha Sansoun. I think our first contact was in an anti-racist group. I think it was about 2018 or something. Late 2018. I’ve noticed she commented a lot and gave a lot of likes on my posts in the group, and she had done that for a while.

And so one day, I got this message on my Facebook. I don’t remember exactly what she said, because my old Facebook profile was deleted last year, but she said that she admired my posts and thought I seemed to be a nice man with good opinions. I was happy to hear that and asked to be her friend on Facebook. Or it might have been she who asked first. Actually I don’t remember. But we became some good friends and thanks to her I also got several new friends. Both Sano and her friends learned me a lot of things I did not understand. We could speak in the phone for six hours straight, from evening to the middle of the night. I woke up my brothers and they had to ask me to shut down. Me and Sano had a wonderful time discussing islam, religion and politics and racism and all kind of stuff that a lot of people have strong opinions about. Sometimes three friends of her joined the call and we had a really lot of fun.

Sano is a muslim, but… not quite really an ordinary muslim… There’s something special about her that I can’t really describe. Sano is Sano, basically. She is extremely funny and caring and she believed in me very much, all until I betrayed her twice due to some stupid argue about something we didn’t agreed with. I will not leave out all of that here, but I surely did fail her. Not one time, but twice. The months went by, and I realised that I had destroyed a good friendship. But one day I decided to come back and ask for her forgiveness. And you shall know, even if she’s a muslim, her forgiveness is not infinite. You cannot give your friends too many chances, but she forgave me and now we are true friends again and I’m so happy about it.

The wonderful thing with Sano is her compassion and insights about other people, even people on the completely opposite side. Even when I failed her, she could understand me. She has that gift, to understand and suffer with another person, and an insight in another persons feelings. I do not have the same gift. But it took a while before I realised how much I actually meant for her, because when I broke her heart, she changed dramaticly. She told me that she actually trusted in me and thought that at least I could understand her opinions and struggles, and therefore my betrayal stroke down at her even harder. She became depressed and lost her faith in a lot of people. And the reason I went back to her and asked for forgiveness, is because she means very much to me as well.

Therefore, I am so glad that I went back to her and asked for forgiveness. We are inseparable, and I have learned that people can actually have different opinions and religious views and still be friends and be kind to each other. Kind and loyal. But who is Sano? Well, she lives a bit to north of Skåne where I live. She loves photographing and she is just getting better and better with her photograph skills. Sometimes she writes poems and short stories and she also makes some aquarrel paintings. She is also very funny and she can joke about everything. When we write to each other, I write long monologue messages, while she make a new message in the middle of a sentence. It’s really funny to see how different we are communicating on messenger.

You can check out her page here. Don’t hesitate to give her a like, a comment or maybe even share her page.

She also have an instagram.

I wish you all a happy new year! See ya!

The Lack Of Self Criticism In Muslim Communities

In 1979, Monty Python’s movie “Life Of Brian” caused a lot of stir amongst christians in the world. Due to Sweden’s secular society in that time, the movie had premiere in Stockholm of all places in the world. The movie was forbidden in Norway, where heresy was still a crime. The humorous Monty Python gang had to sit in a debate with christian bishops and defend their brilliant movie.

It didn’t take long before the christians actually cooled down and learned to accept the classical comedy. Since then, religion and mostly Christianity has been a popular theme in comedy, to make jokes about and to chritizise. As an atheist, I have no problem with that. But I have a problem with people, comedians and politicians who have completely surrendered to muslim extremism and let the extreme muslims decide what to joke about and what to not joke about.

The muslim community has an issue when it comes to chritisism. The peaceful religion of humanism and peace, must not be mocked, or otherwise you will be killed. That isn’t a peaceful logic at all. But it is surely a logic that is normalized in a lot of islamist circles. But I cannot see this issue amongst christians, jews, buddhists or hindues at all. Imagine a group of jews gathering in the streets, knocking polices and burning their neighbours cars, just because some fool has burned the Talmud in front of them. Imagine christians cutting the throat of a teacher, whose only crime was to uncover a charicature of Jesus or Maria. That doesn’t sound very familiar doesn’t it.

So why does it always happen when you moch islam? Well, the answer is easy. Muslims often come from countries, where their religious freedom are restricted. Therefore they do not have the same tradition of democracy that we have had in the west. That’s not very strange. But we should never let muslim extremists decide for us what is to critisize or mock. Do not stop mocking religion and critizising it, no matter if it’s christianity, judaism or islam. If we stop chritisizing it, the extremists have won.

You can mock and insult ideas, both ideological and religious. That is not the same thing as mocking and insulting people. I don’t like people burning religious books. But it should not be illegal. That’s very dangerous. If you have an idea you want to share and spread, I will listen. But don’t come and say that I’m not allowed burn your book. Do you really believe that people will find your religion convincing if we’re not allowed to burn your book? Are you really so weak in your faith that you let such nonsense effect you? Come on!