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Great Announcement

Hello everyone! I have some big big news for all of you! I am not a rich man! Therefore I have been trying to make a lot of my content exclusive and available for purchase only. This has come to an end. From this evening, everything on my blog will be completely free and no membership registration will be available anymore. Everyone will have full access to everything on my blog for free! I know how it is to be out of money! But therefore, I will set an example and deliver all my content free! The refreshment of my blog will start now. Stay tuned!

Sven Wollter

Idag fick jag reda på att Sven Wollter hade dött, åttiosex år gammal och smittad av covid-19. En stor svensk filmskådespelare har lämnat oss. Jag är inte så bekant med Sven Wollter. Jag vet bara att han var med i raskens som jag aldrig sett, men det finns en film med Sven Wollter som jag aldrig kommer glömma. Hans insats som den svenska rösten till John Silver i Disney’s “Skattkammarplaneten” från 2002. Skattkammarplaneten är, som ni kanske kan ana, en Steampunk-version av Robert Louice Stevenssons piratroman “Skattkammarön.” Filmen utmärks av sin blandning av 1700-talets piratskepp och piratkläder och framtidens sci-fi-artade rymdäventyr. Här är ett par scener ur Skattkammarplaneten.

Må Sven Wolter vila i frid! Vi kommer alltid minnas honom!

Loveeliasson.blog becomes loveeliasson.com

Some news for you! The automated ads are added again. And I will change my domain name from .blog to .com. It will take a couple of days. But I hope you enjoy it. However, the old URL will still be redericted to the new one. So I wont loose any traffic by this. See ya!

New Blog Layout

After a lot of work with CSS code and help from the WordPress Support Team, I’ve finally made my blog look as I wanted to. But please beware that glitches could appear. Just send me a message if you discover some errors. What do you think about my new more transparent and detailed layout?

Great Announcement

Finally! I’m finished with the raw manuscript of my first novel! But however, correction and reading remains. And some parts might be added to give the book more life. However, I’m really proud about this. I never thought that it would take so small amount of time. But that’s how it goes when I’m productive and not lazy! Tomorrow, I am going to an interview in Kristianstad which might lead to a job. I really, really hope so.

Bra att veta om kalendern

För er som vill läsa min julkalender utan att behöva leta en massa bland gamla inlägg, här är så ni faktiskt kan köpa hela boken som PDF. Tveka inte att ladda ner. Gratis för medlemmarna i VIP och Video Posts



Hello There

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. I enjoy my quarantine life as much as I can and I have made some important progress with my novel “Davanius.”

With these circumstances in in mind, I feel very well. I’m still unemployed but I am right now into a musical projekt with a producer with might take me into the beginning of my life as a music producer for films and videos.

I cannot say more than that, because it’s a little secret. Beside that, I really enjoy the spring weather.

Nyrakad och redo för nya äventyr.

So Satisfied!

Today I am really satisfied with my work! I’ve finished three illustrations for my novel I’m working on! And I did not use the eraser one single time! These are the three first color illustrations for my novel! What do you think? Write your opinion down below! <3

Important to know

Good evening! You might be wondering were all my videos and images have gone? Don’t worry, they’re still there! Unfortunately, due to personal struggly, I’ve made them hidden. You must either buy them in my store or you must subscribe with a payment account to see them. But you have the right to use my images for what purpose you may need, as long as you give me credd for it.

I’m sorry about this, but I hope you don’t hate me for this. Best regards from Love Eliasson!