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Kurdistans Sång

The final part of my album – Kurdistans Sång – In Swedish! Could you imagine that? Swedish!

The Land Of The Rising Sun

A short overview of the history of Kurdistan, all made into a song. Enjoy!

Reclaim Afrin

This song is about the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish city of Afrin in Rojava and about the kurdish resistance there. A terrible crime against humanity.

If I Die

A ballad about a Kurdish soldier and his last message to his family before he dies.


This song is about the battle of Mosul! Enjoy!

100 Men

This is a Kurdish legend from the war against ISIS, about a Kurdish woman known as “Rehana.” Her real name is unknown, but the legend claim she has killed over 100 ISIS terrorists since the outbreak of the war in Kobane.

Biji Kobane

And so for the track that has given the name to the album! Biji Kobane, which means “Long live Kobane”. Kobane is a Kurdish city in Rojava that was known for the Kurdish YPG resistance against ISIS and their victory in the area.

We Are Peshmerga

This is the next song in my “Biji Kobane”-album. About the kurdish iraqi forces known as Peshmerga, the freedom fighters from PDK and PUK who helped the US to arrest Saddam Hussein and who fought against ISIS as well as other enemies of the Kurdish people and other people of the Middle East.


This is the third part of the album and will take place in the Kurdish occupied Syria, called Rojava, where male and female YPG fighters fought against ISIS and now fights against the turkish invasion.

Biji Kobane – Part 1: Make America Great Again

This is the intro and the first song on my first metal album, Biji Kobane. Every day I will add one of my songs, in album order. Please read the lyrics and follow the song! Enjoy!