Several times in my novels, trolls appear in more or less peaceful situations. Legends of trolls are not uniqe for my own franchise, but have been a part of european mythology for more than thousand years. But everybody already know about these tales, so this text will be about my own trolls. In fact, their reputation doesn’t do them justice. Though they are stupid, they are not always of evil nature. There are two great groups of trolls. Those who live in the mountains and in the deserte, are mostly evil, while the more humanoid group in the forests, use to be more friendly. Trolls are in many ways similar to giants, but they are much smaller and not as humanlike. Trolls alse have a tail, which giants have not. That might be the easiest way to see the difference, No matter the race. Myths of old troll women kidnappning and replacing human babies with their own trollers, have never been verified. Not even by the mothers claiming to be the victims. The theory of trolls eating human flesh is actually truth with modifikation. In fact, there’s only three cases where this have been verified. The resons are probably mass starvation, forcing them to get food in the most horisont ways.


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