Hello! No time, no see! It’s a new year and also a new decade. To summerise 2019 I can say that it’s been a quite bad year for me. I didn’t feel very well in the college I went to, not because of the college, but because of my bipolarity and the dark time of the year.

And off course, it didn’t got better when I was folish enough to be imposed of 9000 Swedish crowns by an italian criminal. Off course it was my own fault. Nobody would trust a guy when he’s taking you to the bankomat. But I always get so mentally disabled when I see a person that claims he’s in big troble. I must be better at saying no.

And off course, I have become better at saying no this year. When springtime arrived, my depression faded away and the last months on Östra Grevie College was some of the happiest time in my life. I still miss the school deeply. The best part was i Krakow, Poland, wich I visited with the school in may.

In the summer I and my family went on another vacation at Gotland. I think it’s the fifth time now. I love Gotland and I surely enjoyed that summer and especially the vacation. I have failed with my habits this year. I weight more than ever and have tried several times with both gym and Lifesum. But as always, I fall back again into my old habits.

2019 was the first time I finished a book. It wasn’t published and I’m not satisfied, but still, I finally made a book and that’s just fantastic.

In the autumn I was practising on a job for marely a month, but due to my lack of driving license and the economic problems with the company, I couldn’t get a real job there, so I had to leave that place. Now I’ve been searching several jobs with no results.

I weally hope that this will be a better year. I have several projects in the making and I might get an appartment from a friend of mine if everything goes as planned.

And also, stay tuned about my latest single and lyric video, to be released this evening, only for purchase here on my blog. Stay tuned, my friends!


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