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Hello there! It’s been a while ago! I’ve finally started to make some progress to write on my novel. I really feel that I am back in the writing spirit again. And I hope everybody has had a happy Easter with their friends and family. I, for example, have returned home to my own apartment after celebrating the Easter weekend with my father in Malmö, and later with my mother, in Tyringe.

Today I returned back home and started to sort out old papers. And out of nowhere I found several new old sketches, drawings and paintings that I’d almost forgotten. I realized that I was actually better at drawing back then. In this post, I will show some of the images I found, that I haven’t seen for several years.

Well, here are one of the figures I’ve made. Inspired by the evil butcher in the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, this big monster with some scary shit on his body, was drawn with passion.

A similar figure, though not at all inspired by the Butcher, was this humanoid smith in the first painting where I try to manage variations of light and shadow.

My interest for Native Americans was very intensive some time ago. Inspired by the Turok Game Series, about an Native American warrior killing dinosaurs and lizard men in the jungle and different temples, I decided to look up the real Native Americans and study their culture in books, documentaries and internet pictures. So I started to draw them, both their leader and their warriors. Here are some of them.

These are some additional dinosaurs and native Americans inspired by the Turok franchise. This was also from the time when I was deeply fascinated by weapons and designing my own weapons.

I made all those weapons during my weapon period when I was a younger. All these gadgets, items and weapons were all made for a video game that I wish I would create. Unfortunately, I have no resources to create a game, but I always had all the imagination to at least design the game myself.

As you can see, some of these weapons have a typical tribal appearence and they are inspired by Native American weapons, not at least Turok’s weapons in the infamous Turok Evolution era.

Aaah, memories! These warriors are from my God of War and Castlevania era, around 2010 and 2011. I loved those warriors. Some of them are inspired by christian medieval time and some other by ancient Greek and Roman period.

Those females with big ears and striped skin were probably made during my Avatar mania in 2009, when James Cameron’s Avatar was released.

Here are some monsters! Almost all of them are inspired by different games I’ve been stuck to throughout my short and sinful life. Enjoy.

Aaah, here comes the best of it all! Satire, caricatures and political cartoons and other funny stories!

Here are some early caricatures, which I was still quite bad at. But these was also one of my earliest one. Here are also an explanation of the image text. VPK stands for Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna (Left Party Communists). Unfortunately it is the historical name of the party I vote for today. Since 1990 their name has been only Vänsterpartiet, (Left Party). I am very happy that they have been trying to throw out all these old communists and supporters of communist dictatorships. Unfortunately, there are some of them left and whenever a party member still supports some form of dictator I always say “fuck of”. I don’t want my party to be associated with them. SAP stands for Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti (Sweden’s Social Democratic Labour Party). I liked them better before, when they represented real social democracy. Today the left party is more social democratic than the social democrats, whose only social democratic content today is their party name.

FP stands for Folkpartiet (The Peoples’ Party) Today they are called Liberalerna (The Liberals). Not so long ago, they had more in ommon with the Social Demorats than with the right wing Moderates. C stands for Centerpartiet (The Center Party). It was known for it’s position in the political middle point. Both C and L was quite critical to the Moderates back then. They thought that the Moderates were to much right wing and they almost proffered the politics of their min opponent – The Social Democrat. Yet, they managed to create the first bourgeois (middle-rightwing) govenment in 1976. The Moderates, The Centerparty and the Liberals. Two middle parties and one conservative Right wing parties. In 1979, the Moderates become the biggest of the Bourgeois parties, and the next biggest in the Swedish Pairlament. The social democratic party had no longer the middle parties as enemies, but the right wing parties. Since then, the social democrats and the moderates have been the two big parties in Swedish politics.

To the right is Gösta Bohman (M). M stands for Moderaterna (moderate conservatives). Moderate within politics is used most often by conservative parties who want to be a little more progressive and put their most extreme conservative ideas aside. The Moderates was earlier known as the “Right Wing Party”, Högerpartiet, in Swedish. Today, the Center Party, the former middle party, is more to the right than the Moderates, but much more progressive.

Old Swedish party leaders, from the 1976 election in Sweden. From the left, Lars Werner (VPK), Olof Palme (SAP). Per Ahlmark (FP), Thorbjörn Fälldin (C) and Gösta Bohman (M)

Olof Palme throwing Thorbjorn Fälldin into the Barsebäck Powerplant.

Several years ago, the Swedish Cooperation Lundin Oil, was shadowed by controversies when the press revealed that their boss, Ian Lundin was placing investements in Sudan and other african countries and sponsoring different wars and genoside. As payment he earned a lot of money on oil and gas. I decided to make a satire picture to mock this guy.

Lundin carried by poor Sudanese slaves, while drinking all the oil he has stolen from them.

This is an early propaganda picture I’ve made against the Swedish Alligiance – The Bourgious government that defeated the social democracy in 2006 and ruled all the way til 2014, during the moderate Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. In the picture, Prime Minister Reinfeldt cuts the Swedish Flag in pieces, a symbol for the Right Wing destriction of Swedish common wealth and society. Here’s a translation of the Swedish text:

“The right always talk about freedom. Thousands of people are treated as mannequins by staffing companies. Is that freedom? Sweden is not the property for some people, but for all. Humans are not shopping goods to be shipped between different companies and be treated like property.”

Anti Bourgeois Commercial made by me long ago.

Here’s my Bill Clinton cartoon. Translation to English is this: “Ooh, yeah! Ooh, that’s nice. Lower, lower, aaa, yes! Exactly! Would you like something to drink?”

Bill Clinton getting a blowjob

This is a picture I’ve drawn of Muammar Khadaffi, before his death. Here’s a translation to English. “The people loves me. The earth is flat. Sheep can talk. Rhinos are fishes. Bananas are blue. Cars are used to eat meat. I am a human.”

This was all of it! Next part will be published when I find something new! See you!


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