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First of all, I would like to inform all of you that all my blog posts also will be posted on Facebook, not just the blog. I will also post several posts two times, one in Swedish and one in English. This will reduce the errors of the blog, so I don’t have to tanslate everything manually, with a program that ruins the pages layout and makes in slowly. So from some time, no translation will be available. Instead I will offer you two versions of the pages on the blog, Swedish and English. Even the posts themself will be in both Swedish and English. WARNING: Not for the old posts. Not yet. Hehehe. OBS. I have no deadline when this will be complete, because it will take a long, long time.

Well, straight to the point. Here comes the last of my collection of drawings I announced some days ago. As before, I will explain them to you. Enjoy!

Failed aquarelle painting of Erine, my main caracter in my temporary cancelled book.

Joakim, the other mainrole in the same novel.

Old and quite bad version of my two friends. The second attempt as seen in the earlier post, was much better, I think.

The friend I draw in swimsuit before. Here she is again, but with a little more clothes on. Here she have a dress. She likes dresses I’ve noticed. So I made this for her before the swimsuit version.

I don’t know who the hell this guy is, but he surely looks quite cool. Well, no he don’t because I’m not satisfied, but my idea was good.

I love this type of trees. Their roots and bumps and all the holes that tells the story of a very old tree. Their roots are climbing like a pit of snakes on the wooden hills and cliffs, perfect for a good adventure story.

Here’s another example of these mahestic lifeforms. Trees!

Some random dark tower. I don’t know which in my book, but it surely could be put somewhere.

A dragon wing. Supposed to be put together with other details of a dragon, in the computor. But I laid it at rest, as usual.

And here is the dragon’s fase that I made for the wings.

That would be all for today. Peace! <3


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