My relationship to the kurds goes at least three years back in my life. It started on my student prom and have lasted ever since. I’ve even made a heavy metal album about their struggle for freedom. It’s called ”Biji Kobane”.

On my student prom I had nobody to walk with on the red carpet. A kurdish girl from the same school, stood up for me and offered to go with me on the red carpet. We became friends after that. This kurdish woman was upset over something. She was upset about the suffering of the kurds in Turkey, but also by ISIS. Back then, I didn’t know anything about kurds, turks or ISIS. I’ve just heard about those female kurdish soldiers that fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. I was fascinated and decided to find out more about this topic.

In november 2015 this kurdish girl invited me to a pro-kurdish demonstration in Malmö, against EU, Turkey and ISIS. I decided to join up. I had made a drawing of a female kurdish soldier punching an ISIS-terrorist in the face, in school, just to show it for her on the demonstration. She was impressed. I was almost the only swedish fellow on the great demonstration and on that day, my engagement for the kurdish fight for freedom, was established. Since then, I’ve been a member of different kurdish groups on Facebook and I have got a lot of new friends.

I even fell in love with another kurdish girl from the North of Sweden. Even if I never met her in real life, I was so in love. When she said she was not in love in me, I cried and cried in my mothers arms, and my depression was a fact. It was in october 2017. Now I have come over it all, but it took time.



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