I know I’ve not published so much on my blog lately. It’s because I am focusing on my job and the writing of my book. I am also sick leaved since monday, so I only work 50 percent. That is because of my bipolar disorder, which made me crack up and start crying at work in monday this week. So I am working halftime now. It’s getting better and I am taking new medicine temporarily to make this hypomania dissapear.

But there are some good news. From the 1st of December I will be employed. And my goal is to be fit for fight to work a full time again. It might take shorter or longer time. I don’t know. But my health is important. But getting employed at my birthday might be the best birthday present ever. It was also exactly a year ago I was denounced from my last job. The 1st of december 2021. I hope next year will work out better for me and that my mental health will be better as soon as possible.

And another thing! At midnight Swedish time, the new episode of “Politik Skit” will come out. Hope you enjoy it!

Yes, this is me. Fat and full of pimples. But at least I shaved. Have a great evening.


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