Gorgosh – the ancient shamans of the North

In ancient times, when the northern people worshipped more powerful and cruel gods, there were no temples, no preesthood. The gods of men were not yet discovered. Instead, the nortmen worshiped dragons – proud and beautiful creatures, though they were neither good or merciful. Instead of playing, the people of the cold north were sacrificing their own flesh and blood – men, women and even children, to satisfy the dragons and decrease their anger. The humans were so afraid of the brutality of the powerful dragons, that they sacrificed their beloved sons and daughters, rather than letting the dragons kill them all anyway. Almost never their sacrifices were answered, except that they were alive one more day. Other gods than dragons was titans, living and wandering mountains and creatures of nature.

The shamans called Gorgosh were wise old men who could communicate with the dragons and humans. Vile and greedy old men, but still very trustable. Consumer and deformed by their lifelong pledge to the dragons, those wizards were accepting sacrifices in any form. Gold, sacrificed humen, pigs, weat, cows or chickens. As holy men, they were not alöowed to have sex, get married or eat cooked food. Years of consuming of raw meat from both animals and humans, had made their skin grey and wrinkled. For some reason most of them were blind and their eyes were conpleately white. But they could still see due to their holy bond with the old gods and dragons. What they saw was the naked truth, beyond the influense of culture, politics, norms, lust or ethics that effects normal people’s senses. They could see everything just as it was. They all had shaved head, half naked, only with a loincloth, and they had a lot of piercings. Their skin was covered by patterns looking like tatooes. But it was actually scars they had been carving in with knives, while swearing their oath to the gods.

But how could this cult continue to live on, when they were forbidden to breed new younglings? The answer is simple. Many poor mothers gave their little children to the Gorgosh, in exchange for food, supplies and a living. These children grew up with the old men and were raised as the next generations of Gorgosh. By time, the worship of the old gods faded away, givning place for the new gods of the north – The gods of Heimgard – the gods of men and protector of the north. The Gorgosh guld disappeared, except in the most distans places of the north. When the common families started to get more wealth, the mothers didn’t need to Give their babys to the Gorgosh. In most places, the Gorgosh-cult were forbidden by the more powerful kings of the north. But still some believe not all disapeared. Some might be worshiped in silence. Who knows?



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