I’ve made some sketches actually. Not many, but I am planning to do more. Here’s a little collection of the new ones.

This is the old Swedish comedian and musician Povel Ramel. He made quite funny music in the 50s and 60s and my father introduced him to me when I was very young.

From the left, Bilan Osman, Magnus Esser Bengtsson and Christopher Gummesson from the podcast “Jökungen”. Check them out on Facebook and Youtube.

Jökungen on Facebook

Jökungen on Youtube

A dear friend of mine. She’s a muslim with hijab, so I decided to make a quite daring drawing of her as a superheroine. Her hijab is following her like a long tail when she travels fast.

The former Iraqi president, the Kurd Jalal Talabani, died in 2017. On this photo he strangles his son Bafel Talabani for his treachery in Kirkuk 2017. The text in the speaking bubble is saying “You are not my son” in Kurdish.

Hope you like them. But please come with feedback, both good and bad, as long as it is constructive. Have a great weekend! Bye!



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