Finally Some New Drawings

I havn’t drawn in a long time. The last years my drawing skills has decriesed dramaticly. The explenation is simple. I don’t draw as often ad I did before.

But sometimes I have made a little scetch or two. Here’s some of the material that I havn’t published yet. What do you think about it? Write in the comment sections and discuss about it.

Have a great day, my friends!

This is Frank Zappa, a legendary guitarist, singer, rock star and composer who was introduced to me by my father.

Me and my former colleagues.

This is a drawing of one of my friends. I didn’t draw the picture from a photo of her. I simply just draw a picture of how I imagined her at the beach. Yes, she knows about it, so it’s okay. She has seen it.

The since long gone Swedish writer Frithiof Nilsson “the Pirate.” He was from Scania, where I live, but nobody knew why he called himself “Pirate”. He wote the book “Bombi Bitt and I.” A novel that was dramatized fourty years later, with the movie “Bombi Bitt and I”, in which the Swedish and internationally recignized actor Stellan Skarsgård started his actor carrier. Stellan Skarsgård was born Scanic, just as me.

My own rune. I thought it should be my logotype but it tidn’t fit for a logotype, so I created another.

An illustration made by me, for one of my novels. But I wasn’t satisfied at all. But even if it failed, it has some form of charm and some fine elements to it.

This person needs no comment. Highly relevant in these days. Obs. I don’t sympathise with him.

Amira, the main character for my new novel I’ve started to work with.

Two former friends to me. Well, all the arabic speaking people will know their names but I’m still proud of the effort I’ve put to the arabic inscriptions.

There are many other scetches left, but I’ll save them for a later post. Have a great day, folks!

Peace, love and a great weekend!



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