Debate: Ukraine’s sake is ours.

WARNING: This is a debate article and should not be considered as a fact. This is my own opinions. I will also declare immediately that I do not want this article to be spread as a fact or in any kind of “informative” purpose. You are allowed to spread it as an opinion, or as propaganda. And you have to notice, that propaganda not necessary is false. Propaganda is per definition, the spreading of information in porpose to impact and change people’s opinions. The information could be true or false, bu it’s still propaganda. And this is a propaganda article. All opinion articles are per definition a form of propaganda. I consider this correct and based on fact and I use the fact and knowlwedge I have read and will present the sources I use in the end of the text.

Russia. It’s the biggest country in the world, in size. But it only on the 9th place in population. The Russian people are not used to democracy. From it’s founding in the 9th century, til today, the Russian people have no positive experience of democracy. Their only leader that could be considered as a democrat, it also the most hated leader by the russians. Boris Jeltsin. A democrat. But a terrible leader. The results of his policy basically as devestating for the Russians, as his unhealthy living was to his liver. Jeltsin’s hysterical neo-liberal and right-wing privatisation, caused extreme poverty, unemployement and poverty amongst the Russians.

That is the reason that so many Russians are longing back to the late Soviet era. The late Soviet rulers were all dictators. They were not at all as evil as Stalin. After Stalin’s death, the Russian society grew more wealthy. In the 70’s and 80’s, the Russians actually experienced a quite good wealth and living. They lived in a dictatorship, of course and that was not accepteble. But most Russians had better economy before the “Perstroika” than after. When Gorbachov and Jeltsin privatised the old communist planned economy, it all went to fast. A nation cannot manage this form of of radical system shift, in such a short time. Private oligarcs and greedy maffia and companies took over the old state companies and put an entire people in the brink of ruin. This enonomic disaster was the seed to Vladimir Putin’s success.

Putin was an old KRG-agend, from the old communist dictatorship. Putin had a vision. To make Russia strong again. He looked back to the so called “old good days”, when Russia was big, powerful… and a dictatorical police state. After Jeltsin’s misrule, Putin actually raised the Russian wealth in his early years as president. People got their jobs back and the wealth increased in Russia. But it all had a price. The democracy that Gorbachev and Jeltsin fought fore was succively destroyed. International rankings showed that Russia in a couple of years went from “partly free” to “not free.” Most Russians prefer Putin that Jeltsin. Or atleast they did before the invasion today. However, most Russians have a better economy today, than during tje Jeltsin era, even if it has become worse in the latest years. But still, a lot of them, long back to the Soviet era. They claim that Putin is good, but Brezniev is better. Not in terms of democracy, but in enonomy and welfare. The Russian economy has not yet recovered from the Jeltsin era completely. Just partly.

But why do the russian people, in general, prefer dictators, than democrats? Well, it’s quite easy to understand if you check out the damage Jeltsin causeed, even if he was the only leader in Russian history, that could be considered a “democrat.” Russia does not have the same democratic tradition and competence as Sweden, France, Great Britain, USA or other western democracies.

But straight to the point. How does this effect the Russian aggression againt Ukraine? What is the motive behind Putin’s evil actions? Well, to understand that, we have to go back hundreds of years in history.

There are two countries in the world, that Putin hate a lot more, than other countries? Ukraine and Sweden? Why? Well, Sweden has through history fought several wars against Russia. Charles the XII might be the most known example. But both after and before, conflicts and wars has been fought between Sweden and Russian. Russian and Sweden are traditinal enemies and this hateful spirit lives on today. The Russian interest in Sweden and the baltic sea, is not only political and economic. It’s also cultural and historical. In fact, Russia was founden by Swedish vikings in the 9th century. The Russian nationalists cannot accept the fact, that their country was founded by one of their worst enemy through history – Sweden. And where was Russia founded? Well, in Kiev, in todays Ukraine. Putin is a nationalist and he claim that he loves the so called “old good days” of the Russian nation. He cannot live with the fact, that the heartland of Russia, the very birthplace of the Russian nation, Kiev, does not even belong to Russia anymore.

And that’s the reason why Putin hate Sweden and Ukraine. And he hates Ukraine and loves it at the same time. The madness, greed and evil in Putin’s mind is the result of the intolerance and stupidity of extreme nationalism and historical envy. That’s the backside of nationalism. It is an envy based on history and ideas. The mantra is: “Things should be as it always has been.” The people that founded Russia in Kiev has been dead for hundreds of years and they cannot be upset of the happenings of today. But still, Russian nationalists as Putin, has developed an envy of the land that Russia lost over 30 years ago. That’s the nature of nationalism. Envy, nostalgia, and obsession of historical conditions that are not even relevant today, in 2022. It’s a tragical system, that has caused conflicts, wars and world wars throughout history and killed millions of innocent people.

But my Opinion is clear. My thoughts go to Ukraine, the people of Ukraine. The men, women, children that lives in this hell right now, but also the men, women and children that have been killed. I will also send my thoughts, hope and wishes of luck, to all the brave soldiers that fight til the last man standing, even if they know, that they are going to die and that Ukraine probably will fall. Still they fought on. And some of them will not return. Some of them will fall, and they are falling right now. All respect and honor to them and their families who will never see them again. May they all rest in peace.

I am concerned, not just for the freedom of Ukraine, but also for my own land, Sweden. Nato, USA and the rest of the world CANNOT do anything. They will let Putin conquer Ukraine. If they would take military action and come to Ukraine’s aid, we would get a third world war. Nobody want this to happen, except Putin and his buddies of course. But if they won’t come to Ukraine’s aid, they will not come to Sweden’s aid either. I think there is a risque that Putin will invade Sweden too. As I said before. He has a reason to hate both Sweden and Ukraine. And why do you think there was Russian drones over Swedish Nuclear Power Plants not long ago? Because Putin want to know how the Swedish power plants work. The drones are studying how they looks like, in order to make a cyber-attack against Sweden possible. And if Russian troops invade Sweden, we are doomed. What does a handful soldiers with pride flags have against thousands of tanks, planes and millions of Russian marines? Nothing at all. Therefore, Ukraine’s sake is hours! The colours of our flags are the same, just as our sake is the same.

But some day, all of this misery will have an end.

EDIT: I just want to share this song for the people of Ukraine. It’s a song by the Swedish Metal band Sabaton. The song is called “Glorious Land.”. The band members claim that the song is a tribute to all the soldiers through history, who fought and died for their land.



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