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Finally A Map

I’ve finally created a map that I’m actually satisfied with! Hope you like it. This video takes you on a tour through my world map. I’ve made the music soundtrack as well. Hope it makes you dream along. Peace!

The Cover Photo

The very cover photo for my upcoming novel “Fredlös” or “Outlaw” is complete! What do you think about it? Please give some critique and choose the one of these two you like the most.

Thank you for your time! <3


I’ve always loved medieval calligraphy since I was a kid. I used to buy real inkwells and feather pens to draw with, which always caused a mess on my hands and on my desk. Now I’ve started again. Here is one of my new projects. It takes patience to succeed with this.

Here are some of my old ink calligraphy work.

Here are my inspiration, which I am studying right now. Wish me luck.

HandWritten Book

Do you remember that I bought a leather book of handmade paper on Gotland last summer? I even bought a broken necklace and placed the medallion on the book at the leather shop. Finally I have started to write down the background of my novels and the historical context it takes place in. Off course it’s fictional, but very interesting. it was long ago I wrote by hand. Here are some of the text and illustrations.

Aah! Memories!

Some days ago, I was looking through all my old drawings and scetches and found something very familiar. I had almost forgot it! Gods be praised I found it. Back in 2010, I started to gain interest for the Swedish spy and hero Raul Wallenberg, who saved 11 000 jews in Hungary during World War II. So I decided to do a comic book about Raul Wallenbergs adventures. I changed him a bit. I made him like a cool Indiana Jones kind of guy, with a knife formed as a banjo that he threw against the nazis. Rughly inspired by Tintin, Schindler’s List and Indiana Jones Raul Wallenberg was a quite ambigious work for my age. But as so many times before, I got tired of it and put it forward. Here you can see the drafts. Enjoy! Sorry for really crappy dialogue. I hadn’t really developed that conversation thing back then. This is probably most cringe for me, haha.

Old Scetches (Gamla Skisser)

Even if my performance anxiety has made me avoid scetches and designs lately, I have to say I miss when I made them. If I was bored I always let my imagination flow and that’s when I built my world. Most often it was creatures and characters of different sort. And sometimes one or two half naked warrior women. A handful of times I made caricatures and satire. I wonder what I should do with them. Should I complete them or sell them? Or maybe both? Please come with feedback and discuss what you think about these scetches. Thank you for your help.
Best regards from Love

Även om min prestationsångest har fått mig att undvika skisser och design på senare år så måste jag säga att jag saknar när jag gjorde dem. Om jag var uttråkad lät jag fantasin flöda och då byggde jag min värld. Oftast var det varelser och karaktärer av olika slag. Och ibland en och annan lättklädd krigarkvinna. Enstaka gånger gjorde jag karikatyrer eller satir. Undrar vad jag ska göra med dessa. Ska jag färdigställa dem eller sälja dem? Eller både och kanske? Kom gärna med feedback och diskutera vad ni tycker om skisserna. Tack på förhand.
Mvh Love

Map Trouble finally solved

As you might know, I’ve spent several hours creating new maps to make the world map look better than my favourite from 2014, which you can see here.

I’ve tried and I tried, just because I don’t want that Eridan should be an ireland anymore. But after all the offert I put to make the best map ever, the one from 2014 is still the greatest map I’ve ever made.

As you can see, the map from 2014 still is the best. So I got an idea. I would change the ireland of Eridain in the computor and move it into the continent. And I succeded. Now Eridain is not an ireland anymore, but the map is still the best ever. Take a look at the result here.