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Surprise In Reprise

To show my gratefulness for the 1500th like of my Facebook page, I will post a little updated and remastered version of my burlesque-collection videos, where I have collected my favorite burlesque dancers and videos from the world. Unfortunately I have not much more to offer as a surprise, since I have not had time to create something new. Enjoy!

My favorite burlesque videos: part – 1

00:00 – 01:52
Channel: Burlesquefest
Video: Lydia DeCarllo – The 6th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

01:52 – 03:49
Link: Gabe Duval

03:29 – 05:52
Channel: Loki Asgard
Video: ACen 2014 Bubble Pop Burlesque Act VI(w/ Azula)

05:52 – 07:46
Channel: Kenny Hoff
Video: 11 Jessabelle Thunder – #WOMANOPOLYSF​ Brunch at Jolene’s Bar 3-1-2020

07:46 – 10:05
Channel: Valentina Orbit
Video: Hoop Burlesque Wedding Performance

10:05 – 11:40
Channel: PA Burlesque Festival

11:40 – 13:58
Channel: Burlesquefest
Video: Angi B Lovely – The 3rd Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

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