Apologies to all of my followers from other countries. I’ve not posted an English post for a very long time. Mostly because of my ongoing Christmas challendar in Swedish. My callendar, which is political, have stirred up a lot of wrath and discussion on my page. I’ve lost several followers because of it. Actually I’m happy that it’s over soon. To much Jimmie Åkesson and politics, to little fantasy, novels and writing.

But straight to the point. I live in Sweden, the country from which a short teenage girl with braids come from. Yes, that’s right. Greta Thunberg has surely taken the world with storm. I am proud to be Swedish when I hear about people like Greta. But I’m also angry when I hear all the gossip and hate against her. I think it’s even more hate against Greta here in Sweden, than anywhere else. I don’t know why, but appearently, the hatred gets more and more perverse. It’s one thing to critisise her or have another opinion than her. But I’ve been forced to work with people who have the most evil and hateful thoughts against her.

I’ve had a boss that almost everyday called her DAMP-Greta. DAMP is an older Swedish word for ADHD, and is still used as an insult for people who cannot control the anger. “Jag får DAMP”, means “I got DAMP” and means that I lose my mind. Anyway. My boss often used that word. Even if I told him that I have the same diagnos as her, and that I feel targeted and uncomfortable when he speaks like that. Sometimes he also said “poor mongoloide” about her. Mongoloide is an old word for people with Downs Syndrome. A lot of people in Sweden calls her both retarded and mentally ill. I’ve been working with these people. They made a lot of sex jokes about her as well.

Greta have Aspergers Syndrome and ended school with the highest grades in almost everything. People with aspergers syndrome are not retarded, as many Greta haters say. In fact, they tend to have a bit higher IQ than average. Einstein, Mozart and many other scientists and artists, had Asperger.

The term Asperger is not given anymore. Today it’s considered as a moderate form of autism. But everyone who got their asperger diagnoses before the name change, still have it on paper. I got my Asperger diagnos just some years before they made that change. Asperger means that you have a peoblem with social communication. You don’t like small talk, you just want to talk about the things you are very intrested in. People with Asperger tend to be very good at some unusual stuff, like art, music, drawing or science. It’s hard for them to se the whole picture. Understatements and sarcasm or irony, can be problematic for an aspie to detect. But our interest for details is extraordinary.

If you have asperger, you are often very good at theoretical, artistic and academic work, but you often have a problem with practical routines. That might be tying your shoes, cock food or drive a car.

Maybe the most detectable problem with most aspies, is their lack of sence for relevance in converstions and ability to see something from other people’s perspective. For example, a person with asperger suddenly start to talk about physics, music, history or science, or changing topic rapidly from weather and small talk, to trivial facts about biology, history or something related to fact.

So, that’s basically how it is for me and Greta, and for Einstein, Mozart and a lot of other people through history. Some other time, I will also tell you about my other diagnoses.

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