In new years eve, I made a promise. I would stop eating and drinking candy, chocolate and soda completely. I kept the vow for about an hour in the year of 2021. That’s the ygly truth.

However, there was some glimpses of light. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I had lost over five kilos in only a few months. But after a break from my work, due to my mental health issues, I noticed that I started to consume even more sugar again. Today, on this day, I have gained all the kilos that I had been losing the last months. I feel like shit. Especially now after I recently have eaten my last meal of candy and soda for a long long time.

Now it’s time again. From sunday 00:00, I will completely stop eating candy and drinking soda. All chocolate, soda, lemonade, cookies and chocolate will go to hell. Except for pancakes off course. Home made pancakes. It’s time to make some change. I will start go out and walk every day. And when spring comes, I will go out bycicle. And when this goddamn pandemic is over, I will start go to gym.

My dentist said that I already now have got burns on my teeth, due to all the soda I’m drinking. Now it’s time for change. I will save thousands of Swedish crowns per month by doing this. Off course, it’s easy to say this now, when I’m satisfied after a big sugar bomb. But I’m actually starting to get tired of it all. This shit gotta go.

I have been starting to write on a novel and I write a lot nowadays. Just like before my great hypo-maniac depression that started in summer 2012. I will write and write and be creative just to stop thinking of chocolate and coca-cola. I have to.

No coca cola
No chokolate
No cookies
No lemonade
No soda
No candy

Instead I will eat proper meals that makes me satisfied

More fish
More chicken
Less pork
Less beef
Less milk
More eggs
More vegitables
More dark bread
Less white bread
More fruits
Less potatoes and fries
No dinners at restaurants or pizzerias
No sweets, soda or candy
More walking
More cykling
More workout at the gym
More creativity
More sun
More sleep
More teethcare and teeth brushing


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