Sorry for my disappearing! It’s been a rough week, and some additional rough days. I’ve been working on my novel. I am at page 55 now, I think. Beside that, I have been celebrating my birthday and became 25 years old. Things go by fast, you know. When it comes to music, I’ve experimented a bit, and when it comes to drawing, I’ve mostly made some sketches and black and white drawings. Even if I’m not writing very much each time when I’m working with my novel, I write a little bit almost every day. So in some ways, I have been more creative than the last month, but I have to make more each time i write.

Here are some of my scetches. What do you think about them?

Beside my creativity, I enjoy my work and I have the best boss I’ve ever had in my entire life. I have several new friends at my work in Bjärnum, where I work with packaging. And off course, the Christmas decorations are all up. I can’t wait til Christmas. I will celebrate it at my old family home in Tyringe.


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