Hello! My name is Love Eliasson and this is my blog.
Here you can find my stories, tales, art and music and follow
me on my path in the world of writing.

Hej! Jag heter Love Eliasson och detta är min blogg.
Här kan ni hitta mina berättelser, legender, konst och musik
och följa mig på min väg genom skrivandet.

Latest Posts (Senaste Inläggen)

  • New Drawing

    Here’s a little piece I’ve been working on lately. What do you think?

  • New Single in June!

    Hi there! The 6th of june is the Swedish National Day. This year, it’s 500 years ago Gustav Vasa became the king of Sweden. Therefore, I wrote a song about it. Gustav Vasa – King of Sweden. Available on the 6th of June.


    Pre-save “Gustav Vasa – King of Sweden”

  • Sorry for technical problems.

    Hi! My blog has been going through a lot of experiments. I have tested different themes and modes and therefore the site sometimes have been quite fucked up. I apologies for that. I also noticed that the wrong video appears in my “Samba Metal”-video. Now it’s just the Samba videos, not the Metal ones. I am working with it. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

  • Replacing My Music

    Can you believe this? I am sorry guys, but my music on Spotify and other streaming services will be temporarily unavailable due to my discovery of WAVE-format. Appaerently, everyone want’s WAV-files instead of MP3. I don’t know why because I cannot hear any difference. So that’s why I am remastering my music. It will be back on Spotify and everywhere else as soon as possible.

    Peace! <3

  • Remember tomorrow

    Tomorrow is the day. My single “The Battle in Mosul” will be released. As I said before, you can pre-save it here.

    Pre-save “The Battle in Mosul”

    Sorry for all the different changes of my website lately. I have made som experiments with different functions and layout. Now I am satisfied.

  • New Single

    Hi Guys! On the 14th of May, my single “The Battle in Mosul” will be released on Spotify and all the other big streaming services. Auto-save it here! Peace!

    Pre-save “The Battle in Mosul”

  • Lords of Hell

    Hi! Sorry for being two days late, but my single “The Lords of Hell” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and whatever the hell it’s all called. I am very happy to announce this. Listen to it here! Have a great weekend! <3

    Save “The Lords of Hell” on Spotify!

  • New Art on the Way

    This is some of my new drawings I’ve started. I will tell the story behind each one of them.

    The Turkish dictator Erdogan pointing at Sweden to locate the Kurdish Guerillas he call terrorists. I made this picture in a competition by a newspaper to draw s of satire pictures of Erdogan. The winner would get 10 000 SEK. This was some months ago when Tyrkey tried to blackmail the Swedish government in order to let us in to NATO. So I started to draw this image and see if they liked it. But when i realized that the organisation behind the newspaper used a burning Turkish flag as poster to the competition, I cancelled my participation. It’s not ok to burn any countries flags.

    This picture is still just a very raw sketch. It’s a medieval cosumer complaining aboit a broken neclace and a merchant that takes no responsibility for it.

    This self portrait was meant as a background to my blog and Facebook page but I was not satisfied at all. The old man to the right is JRR Tolkien himself.

    The main character in my novel. Or at least I think so. What do you think about it?

    I wish you all a very nice day. Bye. <3

  • Surprise

    On April 28th, my single “The Lords of Hell” will be released on Spotify again. Some new singles will come as well. You can pre-save it on Spotify and all those big streaming services here.

    The Lords of Hell

  • New Map

    Or, no, not really a new map, but it has been updated and changed. Hope you enjoy it. It’s also my own music in the background. What do you think? Please comment and share your thoughts below.

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