Landet I Norr

This is my last song so far. “Landet I Norr”, with Swedish Lyrics.

Jimmie Åkesson

A song in Swedish, about the Swedish party leader Jimmie Åkesson. Oobs, it’s not a tribute. Quite the opposite. Enjoy!

I Nationens Intresse

The Swedish version of “Serving The Nation.”

Gustav Vasa – King Of Sweden

This is the most symphonic metal I’ve ever done.

Du Gamla Du Fria

A metal cover of Sweden’s national anthe. Both in major and minor. Enjoy.


This is some heavy shit! Enjoy!

Demirtas (Theme Song)

I love the drums in this one.

Break Your Chains

The third part og my album “The Experimental Years!”. This is “Break your chains!”

Bli Vegan

A project I made with my student friends in Östra Grevie people’s Collage where I studied between 2018 and 2019. Enjoy! Text in Swedish.

The Experimental Years: Part 1: A Son Of A Kurd

This is my latest album. “The Experimental Years”. And this is the first song in it.

A Dream Coming True

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