All live on Spotify

Now, my dear followers, all my five albums have gone live on Spotify. You can listen to it all right here, in this link. 🙂Love Eliasson On Spotify

Spotify will be ready

Today or about some days, depending on the spotify processing time, all the five of my albums will be live. I couldn’t wait for the release date, so I sheduled the remaining albums til this day, the 28th of March. If you’re having tecnical issues with my album “The Experimental Years”, it’s because I’ve exchanged it due to some errors in the soundtracks that had to be fixed. Soon, everything will be in order. Enjoy my music and don’t hesitate to presave it, guys!

The Path Of Hatred


The Experimental years

Big Surprise

Do you remember that my last album would be live in the 1st of June this year? Well, that was a lie. It’s available now already! Surprise surprise! Enjoy and come with some feedback please! Have a nice evening! <3

Maps And Many Other Things

Howdy! I’ve been working digitally with my world map for several weeks by now. I’ve also edited some of my music. Here’s the result. An overview of my map with my own music in the background. Enjoy!

What’s happening now?

Hello! It was a while ago! I have been writing on my novel quite much lately. And I have lost several pounds of weight. This monday I was also employed for the first time in my life, with a real job and payment on a real conpany! And look how much weightloss I’ve made!

The Swedish Way

Change The World