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Update About My Book

So, I recently got my test reading back and it was useful but strong critique about my book. But she also mentioned some positive aspects. But I actually have to re-write my book. Too much writing on too short time. Now I must think about the constructive criticism and begin from page one. No fragments from old books this time. That’s no good. But I look forworth to re-write my book “Fredlös”. (Outlaw)

The Cover Photo

The very cover photo for my upcoming novel “Fredlös” or “Outlaw” is complete! What do you think about it? Please give some critique and choose the one of these two you like the most.

Thank you for your time! <3


I’ve always loved medieval calligraphy since I was a kid. I used to buy real inkwells and feather pens to draw with, which always caused a mess on my hands and on my desk. Now I’ve started again. Here is one of my new projects. It takes patience to succeed with this.

Here are some of my old ink calligraphy work.

Here are my inspiration, which I am studying right now. Wish me luck.


My book “Fredlös” or “Outlaw” is finally finished and the only thing I have left is correction of minor potential errors. I will later send the book to a publishing company and see what will happen. The book is 207 pages long and over 80 000 words. Unfortunately it’s not available in English, but I hope to fix that in the future.

Potential Cover made by me.

Here’s the Release Sheme For “Conspiracy”

My friends! Let me introduce the tracklist at first.

  1. The Legacy Of George Orwell
  2. 1984
  3. Time Traveler
  4. Profit
  5. Rise
  6. The Meaning Of Love
  7. Hail And Drink
  8. The Taste Of Metal
  9. Greta
  10. Chernobyl
  11. Workers Unite
  12. Politroyus

The first single “Workers Unite” will be released on the 15th of February 2020.

The second single “Hail and Drink” will be released on the 1’st of march 2020.

The 1’st of april 2020 you will be able to pre-order the album “Conspiracy”

On the 15th of April, the album “Conspiracy” will be released to Spotify, TikTok, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

Are you ready for this?

Debate: Stop Bullshitting about My Country, Donald Trump!

Now I am probably going to lose a whole lotta followers, but that’s not a very bir problem. So, I will start to debate a lot more about politics and society and controversial matters on my blog sometimes. One thing that drives me crazy is the propaganda against Sweden – my beloved country. This post will probably not reach out to the right people, only those who already agree with me. The other half will call it propaganda and communist lies. But I¨m pretty used to that, so I don’t care.

Since Donald Trump reached to power in 2017 in America, the propaganda against Sweden has increased dramaticaly. Fox News, Breitbart and other right wing media platforms in the USA have since long described Sweden as a tax nightmare. This have been going on since at least the 70’s. But now I cannot sit down and watch anymore. The same media that have been describing Sweden as a socialist tax nightmare, are now writing about our crime rate, immigration problems and disgraceful political correctness all time high. Sweden have become the very prime example of immigration and violent crimes.

In the 2016 years election, Donald Trump said “Just look what happened in Sweden last night!” The funny fact is that exactly nothing happened in Sweden that night. But it is proven that Donald Trump was watching a documentary about Swedish riots the night before. But it was not a live TV-reporting. It was just an overview about Sweden. So basically, Trump lied due to his unability so see the difference between a live report and a documentary. Donald Trump’s outburst was just one out of several attenmpts to demonize Sweden to statuate an example of mass imigration failure.

Sweden is more and more described like a country on the brink of civil war, where violent immigrants control the streets and blow eachother apart, and the rape capital of Europe, which off course is a complete lie. I became very angry when an American rocket scientist in Texas tried to explain from his little Texas ranch how it is to live here in Sweden. I was furious. The risque of being shot or murdered in the USA is five times as high PER CAPITA. Sweden is one of the worlds most comfortable and safe countries to live in. When the Far right Sweden Democrats do everything they can miscredit Sweden in foreign press, for example, New York Times, i get even more angry.

What exactly is better with the USA?

  • USA have 5 times as much deadly violence per capita
  • USA have one of the worst state depts in the world. Sweden however, have not have this much state excess since the 70’s.
  • USA have much more illegal gun violence and school shootings. Hundreds of people have been murdered at their schools since the 1990’s. In Sweden, I can count that on one hand.
  • Sweden is the 17´th safest country in the world.
  • America have place 49 in the world.
  • USA have to times as much poverty (16 percent), compared to Sweden with it’s 8 percent.
  • Sweden has Free education from pre school to University, while the general cost for US public collages is over 25 000 dollars a year. Private collages costs over 50 000 dollars a year.
  • Sweden takes place 23 in healthcare. USA have place 37.
  • United stats is the number one country of money spending on Health Care per person. 10 000 dollar per capita.
  • Commonwealth Fund ranced Sweden a 3d place. USA has place 11.
  • America’s population have 67 percent obesity. Sweden have 50 percent.
  • In 2017 Sweden got ranked place 1 in tackling inequality, while USA got ranked place 17, according to an Oxfam University report.

Off course Sweden have problems. We have problems with poverty and imigration and criminality, like all countries. But I think it in bad taste when one of the western world’s most violent and unequal countries are trying to educate Sweden in crime policy. Donald Trump and his friends should take a look at their own country before pointing finger at Sweden, which is far better in most ways, social, economic and in crime rate.


HandWritten Book

Do you remember that I bought a leather book of handmade paper on Gotland last summer? I even bought a broken necklace and placed the medallion on the book at the leather shop. Finally I have started to write down the background of my novels and the historical context it takes place in. Off course it’s fictional, but very interesting. it was long ago I wrote by hand. Here are some of the text and illustrations.

Some new images

As you might know, I love mythology! Here I have made two versions of Mother Earth, but I’m not really satisfied with the one with colour. It looks clumsy and deformed. What do you think?

Great News!

Great announcement today! This spring Love Eliasson will post a brand new studio album. It’s called “Conspiracy” and this will be the cover of the album.

Stay tuned for more info soon!

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