Hello! My name is Love Eliasson and this is my blog.
Here you can find my stories, tales, art and music and follow
me on my path in the world of writing.

Hej! Jag heter Love Eliasson och detta är min blogg.
Här kan ni hitta mina berättelser, legender, konst och musik
och följa mig på min väg genom skrivandet.

Latest Posts (Senaste Inläggen)

  • All the content is back again

    Hello there! Long time no see! All my so called “Mature content” is back again. WordPress don’t do a shit to remove the “Mature-rating”. But when I think about it, it’s kind of ok anyway. However, I am thinking about a new blog, a little more minimalistic and only in Swedish.

    Sorry for no creativity lately. I will try to catch up! Peace! <3

  • Första doppet igen!

    Äntligen fick jag chansen att bada i år. Min farsa filmade mig när jag steg ner i Öresundsvattnet på Ribban i Malmö. Det var ganska kallt. Men med tanke på att den här sommaren har varit katastrof, så var det väldigt varmt.

  • New on Tiktok

    Hello guys! Sorry for not hearing anything from me lately. I’m just created a Tiktok page and woild like all of you to follow me. I would appreciate it so much! Have a great evening! <3

  • New timezone

    From now on, my website will be adjusted to match each timezones in the world. This means that, for example, scheduled material will appeare diffenrently in different timezones in the world. The reason is that when I write that something will be published in 12:00 AM, it will be published in 12:00 AM, in each timezone. So I don’t lie to you. Have a great weekend! <3

  • New Single out soon!

    Hi there! On the 15’s of august, the song “Kurdistans Sång” will be released on Spotify and all other big streaming services. Pre-save it here! Peace! <3

    Kurdistans Sång

    I also apologize for my three previous singles to disappear. They are being edited and will soon be back on Spotify. Peace! <3

  • All content is back

    Hello there! Unfortunately the crackheads at WordPress Trust and Safety are too stupid to give examples of what I should remove to get rid of the “Mature Mark” on my webtite, I have given up. So now, all the removed content is back. Good for you and bad for me.

    Have a great evening.

  • Quitting Memberships

    Due to tecnical problems, I’ve decided to quit memberships. All content is now free again. Enjoy! 🙂

  • New single has arrived!

    Hello there! My new single, “The Heroes of Utöya” has been released to Spotify and many other music streaming services. In memory of all those who died and sacrificed at Utöya, in the 22 of July, 2011. Rest in Pease. <3

    “The Heroes of Utöya

  • Some new stuff

    Hi there! I’m on vaccation, so I havn’t had time to write so much on this blog. But I made a new portrrait a couple of days ago. What do you think? I am not satisfied. I never am.

  • On second thought

    I will not re-write my novel into a science fiction story. If I wanna do science fiction, I can write some other novel later instead. Have a great day, folks! <3

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